Premium Sealers designed for the
professionals, to be used by anyone.
NOW you can apply it yourself
and get that professional look!
Easy to use, long lasting sealer.

Platinum High Gloss – High gloss finish sealer
is a very hard wearing, chemical resistant coating that will protect and enhance the look of all masonry surfaces.

Platinum Gloss leaves a clear gloss finish. It is used extensively on concrete, reconstituted limestone, exposed
aggregate, stencilled concrete and pavers etc. Great for high traffic areas like driveways, patios and pool surrounds.
Platinum High Gloss covers approx 40-50m2 based on a minimum of two coats. Apply using a roller and brush.
Platinum Gloss – Gloss finish sealer
When high gloss is not required, this product is the perfect for those applications.
Platinum AWB – Matt finish sealer
is a hard wearing water / stain repellent clear coating, that will protect low to medium porosity masonry surfaces like
concrete, liquid limestone, exposed aggregate, bricks, stencilled concrete and pavers. Great for high traffic areas like
patios and pool surrounds. Ideal for vertical surfaces like walls, steps and edging.
Platinum AWB covers approx 40-50m2 based on a minimum of two coats. Apply using a roller, brush or sprayer.
Platinum 101 – Natural finish sealer
is a very effective water based liquid repellent that penetrates the surface of the stone leaving a natural finish and long
lasting protection. It is extensively used for sealing: concrete, reconstituted limestone, bricks, clay and concrete pavers.
Platinum 101 covers approx 100-120m2 based on one coat only sealer.
A second coat would only be needed for very porous surfaces like limestone blocks for retaining walls and we
recommend that you do a test section first. Apply using a garden sprayer or airless sprayer.
Anti-slip additives are available for use with sloping areas
or areas that can get wet and become slippery.
• Easy to use
• Professional results which lasts up to 5 years
• Domestic and commercial use
• Resists mould and white marks from salt buildup
Premium Sealer range includes:
• Natural and gloss-finish sealer
• Anti-slip additives
• Acrylic and Silicon-based sealers
All products are suitable for both domestic and commercial projects.
It is recommended you perform a test on a small area before full application.



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